But before that.are you aware what is the best timing to practice Sun Salutation? Some say in the morning, some might feel its much better towards the evening. We will cover this on our next chapter. Now let’s look into the three main common mistakes when doing Sun Salutation A in any Yoga classes.


Arching too much or rounding like a balloon to a certain extent the pressure on your spine allows for slipped disc to occur. Try to keep a healthy long back and think of a supple neutral spine.


Don’t raise your hips up high till you tend to arch especially when coming up to Tadasana. Keep you glutes and abs engaged.

Arms & Shoulder

When lowering down to chaturanga (low plank), be mindful of not sinking your shoulder blades down as it would tense your upper body muscles too much creating pain into your shoulder joints. Stay firm and uses your shoulder muscles more as oppose to arms if you are weak in biceps and triceps stregnth.

Specific Poses (Yoga Asanas) common habit:

  1. Knee-chest-chin or chaturanga – Be mindful of the placement of your hands. Spread open your fingers otherwise the space on your shoulder blades are deprive of its movement. Knee-chest-chin lovers – be mindful of your lower back and chaturanga lovers – make sure you don’t sink your shoulders down (bad postures will occur one day)
  2. Updog – Don’t just think of your back, pull the stomach up as well as if the skin is ‘tearing off’ and drips of fats start to booze out (hahaha) …shoulders sink too much forward, neck is tense. Don’t do that!
  3. Downdog – Hunching and Hunching… try to bend the knees a little, keep the spin straight, pulling your tailbone facing up.
  4. Ardha-Uttanasana – feel the extension of the spine more
  5. Uttanasana – fold forward deeply only if your hamstring and hips allow you to touch your forehead to the knee or shins
  6. Tadasana or Samasthiti – Keep yourself neutral as you stand tall. Don’t rush into coming up. The blood flows from your brain back to neutral. Otherwise, you’ll feel dizzy!

See you back on the mat @ Platinum Yoga!