This asana is one of the most practiced in any Yoga classes. In fact, it creates positive energy into our body as we reflect back on whats happening inside us by observing our own Yoga Mat, embracing the earth by the firmness of our palms and feet.

1) Encourage Blood Flow – As with any inverted poses, it supplements the blood flow back to your body that will calm your since the heart is above the head.

2) Build Strong Bones – The V position in this asana provides a strong push to lengthening of your spine as well as allowing more flexibility into your hamstring. It is also a way to engage your shoulder rotator cuff and get your arms over the head which we don’t do often, thus releasing the upper body shoulder tension.

3) Glow into your face – it gives you an aura of positiveness into your outlook as the blood flow boost your youthfulness. Just treat it as a complimentary detox facial that you could do to yourself every day!

4) Clear your mind – We are all bound to look straight, talk straight, keep straight at all times. A little bit on the motion of looking down by grounding your palms and feet might get you a little nervous but its definitely a good way to reflect your ‘life’ and calm you breathing.


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