(1) Have you practice before?

Technically speaking, it is always reccommended for you to have a minimum 3 to 6 months of Yoga practice before enrolling. With one of the important highlights of the practice which involve Asanas (Yoga Posture); therefore, with a little bit of practice, it does help to know the basic posture since Yoga is very much practical than textbook based. But if you are a total beginner, yes, you are definitely welcome to attend the course!

(2) Accreditation?

You can always check the accreditation of the Yoga school or institute through Yoga Alliance. In fact, most Yoga school is founded by experienced practitioner. In Singapore, you might notice various studios – be it commercialized or small-scale Yoga centre offering Yoga courses but…when it comes to point (3) may then make the decision on signing up.

(3) Course Facilitator

The next question is……Who’s gonna teach the course – it is super important, at least at Platinum Yoga. We all know that India is the birth place of Yoga. Teachers might only teach certain modules as per their expertise. What you can do is to try out the class yourself and find out the connection between you and the teacher who will be your future facilitator in the course itself. At Platinum Yoga, we have specially invited Professor Saha and Dr. Bhogal – Kaivalyadhama Institute (20 years of teaching experience)  from India to share deeper knowledge in the course.

(4) Do you really need to become a Yoga Teacher after graduation?

This answer is very much differ across different individual. You will come across students who are just taking the course to deepen their understanding in Yoga – it could be the Sanskrit, Yoga Philosophy, Pranayama or the Asanas.  Some might aim to be a Yoga Teacher chasing after their dream. Whatever the reasons are, at Platinum Yoga; Yoga Teachers Training Course is always open to all level, regardless of your nationality, ethnics and interests level.

(5) Are you ready to commit?

Honestly, you wouldn’t want to waste your money on enrolling at a course where you could not attend promptly. If you could spend time off after work attending part-time courses or performing freelance duties other than your main job. Take some time off and commit to this course. At the end of the day, you will fill fulfillment in finishing up the course with an additional skills added to your forte. Yoga courses is so much different than any gym or fitnes related course! Really! You will never find so much of integration of body, mind and soul at one place at Platinum Yoga! 🙂

So enroll in our FREE Pre-YTTC Introduction class today! It’s happening at all 3 studios on 25th March 11am to 12pm (Westgate) / 1st April 12pm to 1pm (Marine Parade) and 8th April 12pm to 1pm (Suntec)