What use of a Yoga Wheel in class?


Yoga Wheel should be still the latest craze of Yoga props across the world.  A look into Instagram, you will be swept by Yogis performing amazing ‘stunt’ using this wheel. But what use does it do to your practice? Is it a must to have? Or could you just practice without it?

In this article, we will only focus on our attention of the usage of Yoga Wheel and how it helps you to achieve better practices in one way or other. So, we will summarise the long-written explanation to TOP 3 CATEGORIES accordingly.


Speaking of which, inversion and arm balances indeed are one of the most exciting aspect in Yoga practice specifically for Vinyasa-style classes. You probably might not have built sufficient strength, flexibility and endurance yet. Say for example if you are the wheel to support your handstand practice, you are to place both feet on the wheel as you roll in close to your face till you feel the lift in your leg (the back to face the wall when you do this). It gives you a little bit of core stability as well.


Let’s look into a half split (ardha hanumanasana) – if you wish to go deeper into your hip opening as well as hamstring, place the wheel in front of you with your front leg straight resting on the wheel.  You can’t cheat here since the wheel is away from your hands.


Some of you might treat this as a back-roller massage, opening up stiff upper, middle and lower back. Rest your back onto the wheel, extend the hands to the back (if it’s not too intense for you). Feel deep opening onto your spine as you control your breathing.

So, let’s Yoga Wheel at Platinum Yoga! Try us out today at one of our WHEEL classes. See you back on the mat!


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