Now that you’ve got a Yoga Wheel yourself or you have done the practice in a Yoga studio or maybe not! Hmmm…what are you really waiting for? Just give it a try and tell us if you really enjoy it with or without a Yoga Wheel.

1) Kapotasana (King Pigeon)

With tight backs and quads, your probably would find this difficult. Your back might be open enough to rest on the wheel, but it is the tightness of the quadriceps that prevents you from bending onto the desired back bend postures. You could also work on the tightness of your shoulder by holding onto the wheel.

2) Shoulderstand (Salamba Sarvangasana)

A variation of shoulderstand to plow could be done with a Yoga Wheel. Just rest your upper back onto the wheel as you grab from the side while raising the legs up without a fear that you will lose your balance. In a normal shoulderstand situation, you are suppose to gently press into the elbow and support the inverted position with your palms flat on the back. With a wheel, you can elevate the fear.

3) Full Split (Hanumanasana)

Rest one of your leg onto the wheel and maneuver the depth of your stretch via your palms. If you need extra support, use a block. You may also feel it from the hips as you are defying the gravity resisting the stretch that came from the hamstring if you were to do it on the floor or mat.

4) Forearm stand (Pincha Mayurasana)
If you already have deep opening on your upper and lower back, you probably would want to aim for a touch of your feet on your head. A Yoga Wheel could be your gauge in this case should you decide to go deeper than expected.

5) Back Massage

OK..this is not an asana. But it’s really a good substitute to loosen the fascia of a stiff back, the same as how you go for a body massage. And of course, nothing beats the work of a hand stimulating the back with aromatic feel.


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