• Shopping?

Errr… not sure it’s the best way but some girls would like it. Shop but not burning a hole in your pocket of course. The next time you spot something nice, try to at least think of whether the item is still ‘not so obsolete’ in months or years to come which you want re-use it again or perhaps recycle it for better usage!

  • Eat & Eat & Eat (not Binge eating yah)

We are not talking about eating tons of fats! Eat your favourite food and gulp your favourite beverage. OK, it could be wine but not too much. It is OK to have fast food once-in-a-while, but not too often. If you are craving for that, go for it! But in moderation. Try some healthy food like Acai Bowl or Quinoa set that will make your body healthier!

  • Hang out! Go out and explore the nature!

Where is nature in Singapore? Well, we do have some but of course given that our little tiny island has limited resources, grab a bike, cycle around the park, take a walk in the nature (Macritchie Reservoir or Coney Island as a suggestion), shout it out at Universal Studio. Just do what you love or have been wanting to do! Nothing feels great than making yourself feel good.

  • Holiday

The best gift that you could present to yourself is a getaway trip to destination of your choice – Bali, London, Switzerland or maybe not so far, Malaysia Penang?.  Budget holiday travel is good too! It’s not always about the expensive hotels, food and luxurious tour. Rejuvenate and refresh your mind in a country unknown to you with beautiful natural surroundings which you won’t get to see in Singapore!

  • And the most popular is… Yoga!

? Oops… Yoga indeed is an integration of body, mind and soul. Never try never know. Yoga membership doesn’t have to expensive, in fact, exercise is one of the best way to destress that will induce happy hormones in our inner body. Come try a class with us and feel the difference! Of course, what we need from you is commitment, consistency and not a one-time off practice, which you won’t feel the benefit like any other form of exercise. Yoga is a lifestyle, so what are you waiting for?


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