If we are serious in our practice, we would try to make as much effort as we can to be on the mat regardless of what Yoga class our heart and mind wants to be with. Let’s look into the traditional method of 6 days a week Ashtanga Yoga – the question is ‘Would I ‘look’ less of an Ashtangi if I did not follow the recommended 6 days’ practice week?’ ‘Are you not a serious Yogi if you only manage to find time to practice once or twice a week?’

Consistency should be our goal. Practice as much as you want. If you don’t feel good, but still have the intention to practice for a short while (by all means please go ahead). Perhaps meditation or pranayama can take away the uneasiness you had. If you wanted more flexibility on your hips, reach out to more hip opening poses as your main focus in your practice then move on to what you feel like practicing for the day. Always make sure that at the end of your practice – you must or should  have a ‘feel good’ intuition that an accomplishment has been made physically to your body and mentally to your overall aura or perhaps a good night sleep.

Everyone is different. We have to treat our body with respect. If you are not ready for certain poses, it means you are not ready. Otherwise it sets us up for an injury. It’s always a journey that we should welcome openly – the struggles, years of practice and patience before we master the practice should not be taken lightly and rushed at.

So do as much Yoga as to how you would like to feel your heart with the greatest love it could received.



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