So much so that Yoga is universal and applies to everyone regardless of your physical level, there is still a need to attend the ‘right’ Yoga classes especially if you just started to practice or looking forward to your first Yoga class!

Congrats! Cheers! But don’t step into the wrong class and ended up looking too much of a ‘zombie’ upon stepping out of the studio. There are some classes which we feel, should not be on your list in the early stages of your practicing unless you have shown good progression or are mentally ready to accept more ‘challenges’. Here’s some no-no guidelines but if you wish to disobey, practice within your own comfort zone!

  • Attending classes that are labelled ‘intermediate’ or ‘advanced’ unless you would like to be a spectator in your mat. Hahaha!
  • Attending Ashtanga LED classes (the synchronization of holding the poses and ujjayi breathing is a killer) especially if you don’t have the strength as yet.
  • Attending Advanced Yoga not knowing that you probably might need to put your legs behind your head
  • Attending Flow classes (some classes are slow-flow but the rest are at a little fast pace), you might find yourself sweating or breathing or having more fatigue than the rest who have practice regularly especially if the instructor is voicing out you to do ‘Warrior 2, Warrior 1, Humble Warrior’. And your mind is kinda like ‘ermm, how do I do that? Let’s look around and imitate instead’
  • Any classes that you feel you have not open your body sufficiently to accept the changes. The moment that you are in your right judgement and are sure you know what you’re doing to your body on unfamiliar poses (trying but not forcing) , alas! Good! You have created awareness within your mind to welcome poses that will challenge your mind & body to another level of practice and yet at the same time not pushing it (and if you’re ignoring those who are more flexible and stronger than you), superb! Cause you know that you will reach there ultimately in time to come.

Well, this is only a guideline and is not meant to put you off to try and experience difficult classes deemed suitable to you! Just practice as much as you want to fill your heart with love!



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