Let’s get straight to the point. Brrrrr….

  • No Mobile Phones – when your teacher is teaching and you start fidgeting on your mobile to check on messages. It is a no-no. It’s rude-lah!
  • No shoes – leave your shoes in the shoe rack or in your locker. Don’t place it outside of the studio. Someone might just trip over or wear it as their own. You don’t wanna be shoeless and walk back home barefoot don’t you.
  • Lessen on talking – Once the teacher step into the class. Settle down. You might have notice some students will keep on chatting and laughing in the presence of the teacher especially when the class is about to start.
  • Leaving the class early – If you wish to leave early due to unforeseen circumstances (feeling unwell or urgent personal matters), be polite to inform your teacher (prior to attending class if you know you have to leave early) or at least signal a namaste gesture. But we wouldn’t recommend anyone to leave their mat until the end of the practice even though you find the practice too tough. Just rest and come back up to your practice whenever you could.
  • Late for class – punctuality for attending the Yoga class is highlight appreciated. You could jeopardize on practitioners’ safety or mindfulness if you just walk into a class while they’re in a meditation state or are already in the pose.
  • Respect the teacher – We believe this is of utmost importance. If you do have questions, you may ask them after the class but not-so during the class unless the teacher asked for questions. Seek advice to deepen your practice or clear any doubts you have in your mind.
  • Personal belongings – Thy shall keep your personal belongings at your own risk and storage. Teachers might be moving around, so you might not want your items to be step upon by your mates or the teacher. Accidents do happen! So keep it safe and try not to bring it into the class.
  • Focus onto yourself – Try not to ‘kay-po’ and imitate the person in front/behind/left or right especially when you know that you’re not ready to do the poses unless the teacher provides option or is assisting you. Maybe pay more attention to yourself first? I mean you should! ?
  • Respect your own body – While the teacher would be task to take care of the well-being of the students. Please feel free to come to a child pose and don’t over-do and ended up injuring yourself.

See you back on the mat at Platinum Yoga! Namaste!


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