Calling all health enthusiasts! What if we tell you we have a workshop that targets your physical wellness, nourishes you with great food and pampers your skin as well? Sounds like a dream come true doesn’t it? Platinum Yoga is partnering up with Tulin Asia & Nourish to bring you the ultimate workshop that benefits your body from inside out.

Our “Health is Wealth” workshop entitles you to a session of Anti-Aging yoga with Anil where he will teach you how to use ropes as a tool to aid joint movement, lengthen your spine and help you gain confidence in anti-gravity yoga.

With all the hustle & bustle from our urban life and work, your skin deserves some pampering. What better way than with Tulin Asia’s organic & eco-conscious starter pack!

The gift pack includes:-

  • An earthYARD essential oil 
    Peppermint – an intense fresh and minty oil with an uplifting scent. Known for its energizing effects and can also be used to reduce stomach aches & tight muscles, relieve headaches, improve mental focus and address respiratory challenges.
    Lavender – Popular for its soothing & calming purposes, and can be used to reduce anxiety, heal burns and wounds, slows down aging, improves skin and alleviate headaches.
  • Mokosh Raspberry & Pomegranate Beauty Serum – formulated with oils and is rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and other phytonutrients. This blend is designed to protect our skin from the aging effects and build the skin barrier while providing potent nutrition to the deepest layers while promoting healthy, radiant skin.




  • The Erica Brooke Neroli & Vanilla Natural Deodorant Creme their best seller to date. A hard-working natural deodorant that uses unrefined organic shea butter & coconut oil. All the ingredients for soft and supple skin!

And of course, as the saying goes, beauty comes from within. Your body deserves nutritious food that is beneficial for you – your skin, your hair, everything! Nourish has prepared 3 delectable salad options for us to eat after the workshop:-

Lemon Herb Alaskan Salmon Wild-caught Alaskan salmon marinated with lemon herb, topped with fresh organic leaves mix, roasted organic baby tomatoes, french beans, white button mushrooms, carrots, olives and alfalfa sprouts.

Rosemary Garlic Lacto Chicken A premium salad of succulent rosemary garlic lacto chicken topped with fresh organic leaves mix, roasted organic baby tomatoes, french beans, white button mushrooms, beetroot sprouts and crushed walnuts.
Teriyaki Australian Organic Grass-fed Beef A premium salad of juicy Australian teriyaki organic grass-fed beef topped with fresh organic leaves mix, roasted organic baby tomatoes, capsicum, white button mushrooms, sesame seeds, olives and wasabi sprouts.

A vegan option is also available upon request!

What did we tell you – this workshop IS a dream come true! So here are the details you need.

DATE: 5th August 2017
STUDIO: Suntec City Mall
CLASS: Anti-Aging
TIME: 9:30AM – 11AM

PRICE: Members – $55*
             Non-Members – $70*

*A $20 booking fee is required for confirmation. All prices stated are after GST.

Unfortunately because of equipment constraints, this workshop is ONLY limited to 22 pax.
So don’t wait and register below to reserve a mat now!