Think of the feeling you get when you go to the park and feel the soft grass under your feet, or when you go to the beach and listen to the waves crashing on the shore, or the soft rays on your shoulders as the sun sets? That feeling of calmness and at peace – that’s the connection between us and the earth. And that’s what’s missing as we continually spend our days indoors, under artificial lighting and breathing in processed air.

That is one of the benefits that you get when you bring your Yoga practice outdoors. Simply taking it outside can transform a normal routine into a heightened experience.

When you practice outdoors, you interact with all the other forces of life. In short, you are reconnecting with Mother Nature as compared to practising indoors where you are purely surrounded by 4 concrete walls.

When you flow into familiar poses in a new setting, it becomes a gateway to enhance your Yoga practice. The unfamiliar terrain becomes a way for you to challenge yourself. As you become attuned to the environment, you become more aware of yourself.

Yoga is all about the union of the mind and body so when you add Mother Nature into the story, you then become one with nature. The sunlight will make you feel good but a sunburn won’t, so don’t forget your sunscreen!

Nature can be a great healer so when you’re feeling uninspired or a little lost, take your Yoga practice outside to find the strength you need to overcome it. Did you know we’re having a Yoga Farm tour soon – we’ll be doing Yoga outdoors and enjoying a farm tour afterwards! Not to mention getting to taste fresh vegetables after a good Yoga session.

If you’ve never experienced Yoga outdoors, this is your chance. Register below!