People of all ages are practising Yoga because it keeps your mind and body healthy. However, even the professionals are not immune to getting injuries. Certain Yoga postures require intense twisting and bending of your muscles and joints and if performed incorrectly, it can lead to various degrees of injuries.

That’s where the Yoga Tape comes in! It alleviates the pain and strain on the injury by lifting up the skin and allowing the blood to circulate. Then what’s the difference between a Yoga Tape and the other colourful sports tapes out in the market? Sports tapes do not cater to Yoga-related injuries and often restrict your flow and movements because their stretching ability is limited whereas a Yoga Tape is designed to help muscle activation with their different application technique specifically for Yoga poses.

So how can a Yoga tape help you?

For one it relieves your pain and swelling when the blood circulation removes toxins from the injured area. If you apply it before your Yoga session, it can help prevent overstretch injuries. Just by placing the tape, you’ll be reminded to get into your poses correctly and safely.

And we want all our Yoga practitioners to be safe while they’re on the mat so we’ll be having a Yoga tape demo session at all our studio locations!

Venue: Suntec City Mall
Date: 8 September (Friday)
Time: 7pm onwards

Venue: Westgate
Date: 15 September (Friday)
Time: 6:30pm onwards

Venue: Marine Parade
Date: 29 September (Friday)
Time: 9:30am – 12pm

See you there!