Whether you love them or hate them, you can’t deny that hip opening Yoga poses are good for you. Especially when our hips is where our body stores pent-up emotions and negative feelings.

Tight hips and muscles not only prevent you from accomplishing and deepening your Yoga poses, but they can also affect simple everyday activities such as picking up something on the floor. When your hips are tight, your spine needs to compensate for the lack of mobility causing you to overuse it. That’s where your lower back pain comes in.

As they say “letting go is the hardest asana”. Once we are able to open up our hips, we’re allowing our body to let go of the emotions and make way for new ideas and freedom of the mind.

It’s a great practice for cleansing the body and welcoming renewal and that is why we’re going to have an exclusive  Hip Opening & Backbending workshop!

This workshop aims to help with emotional cleansing by exploring how the spine and hips correlate and improve your alignment. We will be touching on backbending too as it can evoke strong emotions and remove blockages.

Studio: Suntec Mall
Date: 30 Sep (Saturday)
Time: 12pm – 2pm
Instructor: Anil
Price: $48 – Early Bird (ends on 22th Sep) 
            $60 – Regular Price

This workshop is suitable for practitioners of all levels who are:

  • Looking to further develop hip opening techniques
  • Seeking to improve flexibility and release stiffness of the hips and back
  • Experiencing pain in the lower body with joint stiffness and/or sore hips
  • Having difficulty in the mobility of their hips
  • Experiencing anxiety, fear or difficulty in breathing

This workshop is unsuitable for:

  • Pregnant ladies
  • Severe lower back pain or injury

Don’t miss out on this special workshop and learn how to let go of tension and release emotional negative patterns and make way for a brand new you. Click on the button below to register!