We have an all rounder workshop series coming up this October! What do we mean all rounder?
We’re going to have exclusive workshops dedicated to Arm Balance, Aerial Meditation, Yoga Wheel and Hip Opening. Is that exciting or what?

First we are going to have “Hips, why? Because They Don’t Lie.” – which is a workshop focusing on hip opening & backbending. For Yogis with tight hips and a lot of pent up emotions, this one is for you!

Happening at Suntec Mall on 30th September. Early bird prices end on 22th September, so don’t miss out okay! For more information, head over to: https://platinumyoga.com/2017/09/14/hips-why-because-they-dont-lie/

Next we are having the “Yoga Wheel: The Art of Backbending II” workshop – specially for intermediate & advanced practitioners who want to further deepen their backbend techniques.

Happening at Westgate studio on 7 October. Early bird prices end on 24th September, so reserve your wheel now! For more information, pop over to: https://platinumyoga.com/2017/09/15/the-art-of-backbending/

After that, we’re having “Steady Hands, Fearless Balance” – a multi-level arm balance workshop! Learn the correct techniques of shifting your body weight and how to use your wrists and forearms safely to lift off. 

Happening at Westgate studio on 21 October. Early bird prices end on 16 October so be sure to book your mat quick. To know more about this workshop, click on: https://platinumyoga.com/2017/09/15/steady-hands-fearless-balance/

Finally, we will be having “Aerial Meditation: Float Your Worries Away”! A never-been-done before workshop which involves meditating while suspended in the air in silk hammocks. Sounds so tempting and relaxing, even we want to sign up!

Happening at Suntec Mall on 28 October. Early bird prices end on 18 October. Also we have limited hammocks in our studio, so be sure to book your slot fast. To find out more, click on https://platinumyoga.com/2017/09/15/float-your-worries-away/

If you’re keen on signing up for any (or all!) of our workshops, click on the button below to register!