Take your meditation to the next level. Literally.

Float in the silk hammocks, embrace the weightless sensation and let go of all external worries and distractions. Meditation is all about quieting a busy mind to create a sense of true presence.

When you meditate, you are awake and alert but focused only on yourself. When the mind slows down and there is no distraction, your meditation will go deeper.

Learn about why we meditation and how healing meditation can benefit you in your daily life. Awaken your inner self and increase your focus with this guided session of pranayama and meditation in silks with Claudia.

Location: Suntec
Date: 28 Oct (Sat)
Time: 9am – 11am (2 hours)
Instructor: Claudia Torres
Price: $48 early bird (ends on 18 Oct)
           $60 regular price

This workshop is suitable for all levels who are:

  • Keen to know more about meditation
  • Seeking to increase their self-awareness through meditation
  • Looking to eliminate stress, gain calmness and clarity
  • In need of a positive change in their life

This workshop is not suitable for:

  • Pregnant women
  • Those who suffer from vertigo
  • Those who suffer from severe high / low blood pressure
  • Those suffering from cold / flu / any condition that blocks the nasal passage 

We have limited hammocks so don’t miss out on this chance to experience this never-been-done before meditation technique. Register below to reserve your hammock!