Our food doesn’t digest 100% when it goes through our body. The undigested food particles get stuck in our intestines which over time, turns into toxins. If you have a poor diet, lack sleep, don’t exercise enough or drink your liquids, your stomach acid increases and lowers your digestive power (sound familiar?) which causes you discomfort and at times, unexplainable pain. So how do you go about clearing this blockage?

We’ve heard of teatox, detox smoothies and 7-day juice cleanses that’s been sure to thoroughly clean out your system. But does it really work? Everyone’s bodies works differently. What we can tell you is – you don’t need to spend so much money on these fancy cleanses to empty your digestive tract. You just need water and salt. We’re not kidding.

Laghu Shankh Prakshalan alleviates digestive problems and tones the liver and other digestive organs and glands. It strengthens your immune system, reduces excessive mucus and purifies the blood. It will recharge your pranic body, remove blockages from the nadis (channels) and purifies the chakras. You will find that the harmony of the five pranas will be restored and your energy levels will increase.

It is a Yoga cleansing technique that’s proven itself the most effective procedure in comparison to other alternative methods. It doesn’t benefit you just physically. It can also calm your mind and path the way for a higher state of consciousness. Any practices after the cleanse will result increase manifold.

The total detoxification of your physical and emotional well-being sounds enticing but it is not for the faint-hearted because it will tire you out. We have to warn you though – these cleansing practices are never to be performed without the guidance of an experienced teacher. This purification practice is very strong and all guidelines must be followed for your own health and safety. People with chronic illnesses should always talk to a doctor and your teacher before you attempt this practice.

But here is your chance. We will be having this special salt water cleanse workshop on 26 November under the guidance of Teacher Anil. So if you’re trying to lose a little bit of weight, trying to start a new and healthier lifestyle or you have stomach concerns you want to resolve, come down for our Laghu Shankha Prakshalan workshop.

This workshop is suitable for:

  • Those with constipation
  • Those with digestive problems
  • Those keen on learning more about salt water cleansing

This workshop is not suitable for:

  • Those who suffer from gastric ulcers
  • Those who suffer from high blood pressure

Important details you want to take note:

Date: 26 November 2017

Location: Marine Parade

Time: 8am – 11am

Teacher: Anil

Price: Early bird – $48 / Regular price – $60

*A non-refundable deposit fee of $20 is required to reserve your mat upon registration. All prices stated are GST. Early bird prices end on 15 November 2017. Terms & Conditions apply.