Just because age creeps up on us, doesn’t mean we cannot do anything to limit the impact it will cause our bodies. On contraire, Yoga is an effective anti-aging method. The beauty of Yoga is – it knows not when or where you start. I’m not saying it can totally reverse the effects of aging (don’t we all wish!) but it can definitely counter the physiological and physical changes we will encounter.

Here’s the top 3 benefits of Anti-Aging Yoga:

Improve your inversions.

Inversions may seem challenging and scary to beginners. But guess what? The ropes actually hold you securely as you attempt inversions. The traction of the ropes provides safe support that can be leveraged for deeper chest openers, spine extenders, and even some standing poses.

It will lengthen your spine and open your joints.

The ropes you use allows you to go deeper into your poses and extend much further than if you were to do it on a mat. By holding the poses longer, you have time to focus on your breathing, you will increase circulation to the lower back and suspend yourself upside down without putting pressure on your head.

Strengthen and build muscles.

Once you start to experiment with the ropes, the first thing you’ll notice is the amount of strength you will need in your arms and core to execute the poses and hold yourself up. You’ll be able to build up muscles in the hard-to-reach areas such as your forearms.

The rope wall can bring a fresh perspective to your understanding of the asanas, from backbends to forward bends, twists or inversions. And also as Joseph Pilates once said, “You are only as old as your spine.”

That is why we’re introducing Anti-Aging Yoga classes at our Westgate studio! Be one of the first few to use the new ropes in the studio during our introductory Anti-Aging workshop.