The season of giving is finally here! And we have a special gift for you.

This is especially for first-timers or past patrons of Platinum Yoga who hasn’t been to any of our studios in the past 12 months. You get 2 Aerial Yoga classes for the price of 1!

But if you’re currently a member and you’re wondering, “How about me?”. We did not forget about you! We’re having discounts on all our retail items across all 3 studios up to 80% off! Yoga mats, Yoga mat towels, Yoga wheels.. You name it. You can even get it as an Introductory-Yoga gift for a friend!

Even if we don’t have winter season here in Singapore, we should also strive to remember lessons that Yoga has taught us. It’s okay to attend get-togethers and celebrations and feast all you want, but it’s important to remember to maintain the balance in our life and Yoga practice.

With all the excitement going on, we have to slow down and reflect on ourselves, on the past year and think of how we’re going to make 2018 a better year.

May your holidays be balanced and bright. Best wishes from the Platinum Yoga team ✨