When we say ‘Yoga’ and ‘High Intensity Interval Training’, two separate workouts on opposite ends of the spectrum comes to mind right. HIIT is more competitive, where you are required to push your body beyond its limits, increasing the risk of injuries. Whereas Yoga is all about listening to your body and accepting where it is at and its current condition. But we are now at the point where Yogis want more out of their routine and gym-goers are seeking for an exercise that helps them recover.

So how about blending your asanas with a HIIT tempo? You get the best of both worlds – the sweat-inducing intervals with a calming active recovery that leaves you feeling balanced and ready to get through the day. Where else will you find a workout that gives you both a stronger body and calmer mind?

We all know HIIT can help you burn calories faster and get more defined and stronger muscles as it cross-trains your fitness and amps up your heart rate for optimized oxygen processing. What makes Yoga the perfect complement to this is that it keeps your endurance stronger, targets your less-used muscles and does a lot of cleansing.

Do you know what’s the most exciting part of all? This will be at all 3 studios!

Studio: Suntec
Date: 13 Jan 2018
Time: 10am – 12noon

Studio: Marine Parade
Date: 20 Jan 2018
Time: 10am – 12noon

Studio: Westgate
Date: 27 Jan 2018
Time: 10am – 12noon

Price: Members – $35 / Non-Members – $45

So if you’re looking at transforming your body in an hour, with focus on whole-body cardio, strength and stamina – this is the workshop for you. We welcome all levels of Yoga and HIIT. Terms & Conditions apply.