When someone says ‘Yoga’, the first thing that comes to mind are slim females in colourful active wear doing stretches that we can never see ourselves doing.

But that’s the thing you see. It doesn’t matter if you can’t touch your toes. It doesn’t matter if you’re not flexible. It doesn’t matter if you’ve not exercised for a long time. Because everyone has to start from somewhere. Even those you see who can put their foot behind their head (We call that pose “Eka Pada Sirsasana”).

The point is these people were once like you. They’re just ordinary people who wanted to give Yoga a go because they want to start moving, start leading a healthier lifestyle, they wanted more control of their breathing and because they wanted peace in their busy lives. No matter your age, your physical capabilities, your current weight or your fitness goal – you can and you should do Yoga.

We’ve all heard of Yoga. But what exactly constitutes of Yoga? It’s not exactly just stretching. It’s an age-old discipline from India that was designed to unite and balance your mind, body and spirit.  

For those who have never done Yoga before, this is a great way to for you to get limber and energetic. If you’re already quite active, Yoga can make you stronger and more flexible. Don’t underestimate the stretches and breathing exercises because they’ll help you be more focused and alert.

There’s a Yoga class for everyone. There are intense and vigorous classes. There are relaxing and meditative classes. We even have flying classes! That’s why Platinum Yoga is organising an Introduction to Yoga workshop for everyone at our Marine Parade studio!

Studio: Marine Parade

Date: 6 January 2018

Time: 10am – 12noon

Yes, you’ll be stronger and fitter. But one of the most valuable takeaways from Yoga isn’t any physical. It’s actually the quieting of the mind and listening to what your body has to say. Register below or call us now at 6348 0809 to book your mat. Yoga has the capacity to change your life for the better and Platinum Yoga wants to be there to help you with your journey.