Every year, we make new New Year resolutions. Some of us want to go to the gym more. Some of us want to travel more. Some of us want to be healthier. But when the time comes, we get too caught up with work and school and somehow, our time is taken up and suddenly we don’t have time to invest into our resolutions. Well, let us help you start 2018 on the right note with Yoga in the City.

Many of us work in offices, under the air-conditioning and in cramped seats. After a few hours of typing away on the computer, we twist from side to side, we raise our hands up and stretch. But come tell me, do you feel that much better? No, I don’t think so. Do you know what will make you feel better? Yes, Yoga in the City.

We’ll start 2018 with a refreshing Vinyasa class outdoors. Why Vinyasa? Its orientation is breath and movement which is something we don’t do a lot when we’re typing on our computers! One of the benefits of Vinyasa that I think many of us need is the calming of the mind. Instead of thinking of the deadline at work, what groceries you need to get or that snarky remark someone passed at you – you’ll be solely focused on your breath, your movement and the asanas. Think of it as a mobile meditation.

Now combine that with bringing your practice outdoors. When you practice outdoors, you interact with all the other forces of life. Yoga in the City will be held at the outdoor space outside of Pasarbella (Suntec City, tower 2) where the morning sunlight will shine just right. And instead of the recycled air-conditioning air that we breathe in, we’ll infuse fresh air to better our Vinyasa practice.

Even though we’re still in the city, the great view of the fountain (and if you look hard, you can even see the flyer!) and the force of Nature can be a great healer. You’ll find the strength to overcome your obstacles and come out stronger. Come join Yoga in the City on 7th January at 7:30am, call us now at 6837 0234. Alternatively, if you’re already a member with Platinum Yoga, register below!