Chocolates and roses on Valentine’s day is sweet but it doesn’t beat spending together on the mat. A couple who does Yoga together, stays together!

In Sanskrit, the word ‘Yoga’ means union – and that is exactly what this Partner Yoga series aims to achieve. Uniting 2 individuals through asanas, breath and touch. It could be your spouse, your significant other, your best friend or even your family members. Actually it can be anyone with whom you want to build and strengthen your relationship. That’s the beauty of Partner Yoga, it’s all about connecting with your favourite person.

Partner Yoga is a great way for you to forge stronger communication and intimacy in your relationships. You cannot just jump straight into the asanas and expect to it to work out – you have to talk to each other to find a solution to make it work. And it’s not only improved levels of communication but also deeper expressions of poses and building trust.

Partner Yoga is almost like a playful dance performance because both parties need to understand the strength of their partner and be more sensitive of one another in order to put up a good show. You need to be more open-minded and definitely open-hearted to make this practice fun and exciting. You may just find that practicing with someone special for assistance will push both of you beyond your comfort zone. Use this opportunity to explore your adventurous side and attempt poses that you don’t always flow into. Be each other’s motivation and inspiration.

Just remember that even though your partner is there to support you through the poses, you should never stretch to the point where you feel pain. Yoga is all about being kind and respecting your body. Understand yourself and your partner more during our Partner Yoga workshops. 

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