There is more to Yoga than just asanas and Pranayama. There is more to Yoga than just finding your center and finding peace. Yoga also offers powerful au-natural cleansing techniques that works from inside out. Let us share with you the different cleanses that we will do during our retreat to Ubud!

Jal Neti
It consists of cleaning the nasal path from the nostrils to the throat just by using water. As long as we don’t fall sick, we usually don’t think twice about the air that we’re breathing in. The reason why you should pay particular attention to your nasal hygiene is because it’s linked to many conditions like sinusitis, migraines, headaches, allergies and respiratory ailments.

Daily practice of Jal Neti pacifies the sensitive tissues in the nose and reducing various sickness and infections. It is also able to calm our mind and body, relieving the stress and even helps manage your anger!

Oil Pulling
This is probably the simplest cleansing technique in our list! You will be practising holding and swishing oils in your mouth for a few minutes. The whole purpose of this is to get rid of the oil-soluble toxins in the body. Back in the olden days, people used oil pulling to prevent bleeding gums, tooth decay, throat dryness, cracked lips and to strengthen your teeth and gums.

Your root canal such a high amount of bacteria that no amount of brushing and flossing can get all the dirt out. But just 10 minutes of oil pulling once or twice a day, is proven to be effective in getting rid of all the toxins in your mouth and improving your oral cavity.

Vaman Dhauti
Here’s where things will get slightly tougher. The Yogic practice of Vaman Dhauti is cleansing the stomach of unwanted food particles that get stuck after digestion. This is the cleansing technique that requires you to drink large amounts of water and then throwing it all out to flush your stomach. In the process of you expelling the water, it also removes extra mucus from the esophagus.

This is actually a Hatha Yoga method to develop and improve your concentration. It’s simply to do with focusing on one point, either an object or on candle flame. The idea behind this is that if we forcefully fix our gaze on a particular point, we can train our minds to be calm and focused.

Trataka is good for the eyes because it strengthens the muscles around the eyes and is able to help minor eye problems like short sightedness. Practising this before you sleep can also help you get better quality rest at night!

Out of all the cleansing routines of Yoga, this is the only practice that can cleanse both mind and body just by using the breath. It is a breathing exercise that helps oxygen to circulate while strengthening the muscles of your stomach and abdomen. Did you know – this is also the best detox technique to help you lose weight? It can also slow down the ageing process and help to relax your facial muscles and nerves, helping you look younger!

This is one of the major detoxes in Yoga because it cleans your intestines and whole digestive tract, purifies your blood and prevents allergies and skin diseases. It helps in controlling your weight as it expels as the food toxins in your body and strengthens your immune system.

You’re going to be drinking lots of saline water and make frequent trips to the toilet. This will take up a few hours and will also be tiring. So be sure to rest and let your body recover from the cleansing afterwards.

You will learn to stimulate your energy and lift your lower abdomen. This will massage your solar plexus, abdominal viscera, the heart and your lungs as your pull your abdomen inwards and upwards.

This actually increases the blood circulation in your abdomen and improves your digestion by purifying the digestive tract. Because this also massages the respiratory system, it can also improve your lung capacity as you continue to practice this technique.

This is similar to Uddiyana, as it targets the abdominal organs and chakras responsible for regulating our bodies. So it will improve our physical health, vitality and also emotions. Because this focuses more on our internal energy, it helps if you’re feeling blue, dull, lethargic or even depressed. It’s a literal mood lifter!

Continuing from Uddiyana and Agnisara, this is one of the best exercises if you’re looking at regulating your entire digestive system. Many illnesses actually originate from our digestive system because of all the toxic substances that has not been removed quickly from our body. You will be creating a rolling motion (like a massage!) for your abdominal muscles that will help to cleanse the internal organs, tone your abdomen and helps to fire constipation and indigestion.

When we say this is a detox retreat, we really mean detox. Take a short breather from the hustle and bustle of your busy life in the city and treat yourself to the tender, loving care that you deserve. Focus on cleansing your body after indulging in delicious Chinese New Year goodies. Reflect on how you’re entering 2018 and how you’re going to make the best of this year. We can guarantee that you’ll go home feeling lighter, motivated and absolutely glowing. We have limited slots available so click on the button below to reserve your slot now!