Why is it worth it to turn yourself upside down? It goes against our natural state to put our feet above our heads and our heads below our heart.


But just because we’re scared to break out of our comfort zone, we’re missing out on so many wonderful benefits. And I’m talking about emotional, physical and even mental benefits. Just from turning upside down! It’s a shame isn’t it, to let our fear keep us from seeing the world from a different perspective? Come, it’s time to put an end to that.


When we say inversions, we usually associate it with headstands, handstands, shoulder-stands, crow poses. Yes those are advanced inversions and takes many practices before you can accomplish that properly and safely. But did you know, a forward fold and a downward dog pose is also considered an inversion? You’re putting your head below your heart and it feels good right?


Your Yoga journey will be incomplete without trying out inversions. It’s what sets Yoga apart from other physical activities. Psychologically, it allows you to see things from a different point of view (literally!). Emotionally, it’s using the energy from your pelvis and directing it towards your heart center so you can do some self-exploration. Mentally, by reversing the blood circulation, you’re actually nourishing your brain and organs. Along the way, it can also boost your lymphatic system by removing blockages. If a headstand a day can stop me from being sick, count me in! Physically, well, you should definitely have felt your whole body (and arms especially) getting a lot stronger.


When you go into an inversion, it will take quite a good amount of upper body strength to actually pull it off and hold the pose for a few breaths. You’ll be shaky at first but you’ll slowly get the hang of it. Like the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect!”. The more often you practice these poses, the stronger you’ll get. And if you’re doing the poses correctly, it can be lengthening as well. Especially when you’re pulling your shoulders away from your head and reaching your toes towards the ceiling.


Overall, going into an inversion will make you feel strong, empowered and carefree. There’s no denying that it’s actually fun after a while and it’s cool when you post it on Instagram. And that’s the way it should be! You shouldn’t be afraid of trying something new. It’s the emotional and psychological journey that makes going upside down so valuable and enriching.


If you’re a total newbie to inversions, here’s your luck! Teacher Arya is conducting an Inversions workshop especially for beginners!

Studio: Suntec City Mall
Date: 10 March 2018
Time: 9AM – 12NN
Price: $48 – Member | $60 – Non-Member


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