We all know the delicious feeling of going into a Yoga class and stretching out all the knots and aches. But do you realise, that the feeling doesn’t really last for very long? That’s because you’re only repairing the “superficial” fascia and not the deep ones that is caused by things like sitting too long, bad postures and for athletes, muscular imbalances. Once you’re able to repair those tissues with myofascial release Yoga, I can guarantee you that you will as if you’re floating on cloud nine. Similar to when you go for a deep tissue massage!

Myofascial release (or Faszien Yoga in German!) can effective anytime before, after or even during your regular mat practice. Myo (muscles) and fascia (surrounding tissues between the muscles) rely a lot on movement and hydration. So you can just imagine the damage that is done to your body just by sitting for long hours! You’re not giving your body the activity and movement that it requires to maintain fully functional.

This Yoga technique is a highly effective approach of treating pain and imbalances in the body. Basically, you will be applying pressure into the fascia in order to reduce the pain and ultimately eliminating your chronic posture or alignment concerns. Myofascial has been known to treat all levels of pain, helping to restore bodily function, mobility and improving overall health.

What’s so great about myofascial Yoga is that it is a fantastic complement to Yoga. Yoga is all about balance between engaging and lengthening your muscles, helping the practitioner to be more aware of his body during the practice. With myofascial release, you can really focus on the trigger points where your pain or aches come from. And because everyone’s body is different, there are different benefits for everyone. But with the help of the rollers, you will soon learn how to massage yourself at home!

Why is fascia important?

  1. It cushions and protects your body.
  2. It ensures that you can move your body freely.
  3. It’s strong, supportive and keeps everything in your body in the right place.

Why is Myofascial Yoga release good for you?

  1. You’re getting rid of the chronic pain that your doctor might not be able to diagnose.
  2. You get to repair your body to its deepest tissues.  
  3. When you unwind your body, you unwind your life.

So here’s the thing. We’re going to have a special Myofascial Release Yoga workshop with our international guest teacher, Ana Wilson on 20th March at Suntec City. It will be from 7PM – 9PM so if you’re already feeling the (almost)mid-week blues, this is the perfect time to get in a good stretch and a good knead in the back. Click on the button below for more information!