HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and has become a popular workout method due to its efficiency and effectiveness. Combined with yoga, HIIT Yoga brings about more cardio-intensive workout while stretching and lengthening the body. The perfect complementary pair that helps to build on stamina and target neglected muscles.

Now that we have an idea of what HIIT Yoga is, let me share the benefits with you.

Burn The Tyres

Despite that many turn to HIIT exercise alone for weight loss, incorporating yoga can actually better help pace the numbers on your weighing scale. Yoga practices provide muscular endurance stressors which complements the high intensity workout regime and accelerate your body metabolism.

Increase Blood Flow

Relieve swelling legs due to heart or kidney problems and reduce heart attack and strokes with yoga. Yoga relaxation exercise can help amp up heart rate and optimise oxygen processing. Poses like modified lunges encourages blood to flow back to the heart to pump freshly oxygenation blood.

Minimise Strains on Knees and Joints

One may easily injure him/herself during an intensive workout due to lack of professional guidance. However, with yoga improving muscle tonality and flexibility, sprains or bruises can be avoided.

Stay injury-free!

Calm and Focus

Instead of rushing to complete your workout regime and injure yourself in the process, stay calm and relaxed. Yoga teaches you to keep your mind and body focused, driving you to complete your task on hand efficiently.

Make your workout more enjoyable!

Healthier Bones

Rather than weight lifting, strengthen your bones and ward off osteoporosis with inverted positions such as Handstands or Headstands.

Building arm muscle is not just for aesthetic but also important for everyday activities like carrying groceries, your baby or even opening a can of soup!

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