Ever wondered what are in your teacher’s bag? In this post, we take a look into Teacher Sonal’s bag to uncover some of the must haves for yogis!

Stainless Steel Sports Bottle

Teacher Sonal keeps a bottle of water by her side so as to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially when she has back to back classes.

Mobile Phone 

Soothing musics may be played during class to help set the tone – a calm and peaceful environment where individuals can focus on themselves.


Teacher Sonal keeps a clean face towel by her side to wipe off sweat after an intensive yoga class. Clean towels are available at our front desk should you need to take a shower after class to freshen up!

Essential Oils

Essential oils may be used for some classes so as to help relieve stress and relax the body. This helps to promote a more effective and relaxing atmosphere for the class.

Hair Tie

Having her hair out of her face helps her to conduct classes more efficiently. Yogis are also able to see each of her pose more clearly without her hair blocking.

A5 Yoga Journal

A little journal to keep in her bag for note-taking before and after class. Teacher Sonal uses it to jot down poses which she wants to share in her class.

Tips from Teacher Sonal – Practice these poses in the morning to prep your body for class: fall forward, spinal twist and side stretch. These poses can be done even while you’re on bed!

Interested in some of these items? Contact our staff or email us at yoga@platinumyoga.com.

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