Props are introduced into our yoga practice to aid yogis of all levels. It provides assistant and support for our yoga poses without overexerting ourselves. Practise yoga postures and pranayama with ease, effectiveness and stability with these props.

Environmental Friendly Yoga Block

Not only can yoga cork blocks help to deepen your practice, it can also help to ease and stabilise your poses. For instance, you can place the yoga block infront of you during a standing forward bend. Resting your hand on the block during standing forward bend can help to reduce stress on hamstring as well as your back.

Non Slip Yoga Alignment Mat

A yoga alignment mat is designed to aid yogis in improving their techniques as well as functions as a guide for their yoga practice. This well-designed yoga alignment mat is beneficial to yogis of all levels as it suits a variety of alignment strategies from the various yoga pose.

How to Use An Alignment Mat? 

  1. Find your symmetry with the vertical line running down the yoga mat.
  2. The horizontal line helps to keep the hands and feet aligned evenly.
  3. Our logo is positioned in the middle to help you find the centre of the yoga mat. 
  4. The slanted line positioned at 45 degrees helps to align heels for standing poses.
  5. This helps to align your hands and feet while you are on your back. 

Portable Knee Pads

Feeling uncomfortable resting your knees on the hard ground? Having a knee pad provides cushion for your knees, allowing you to better practice your asanas. It is great for poses involving kneeling on the ground such as Anjaneyasana (Crescent Moon Pose). In addition, it can be used as an add-on to your yoga mat to rest your head on. It is also perfect to bring along for yoga retreats as it is light and fits easily into your bag. 


Yoga straps, also known as belts, encourages flexibility and stabilising of joints. It is also helps to create resistance and space for certain poses involving stretching. You can easily adjust the length of the belt to suit your asanas with the ring or buckle. Finding out the best length for your body can help you to maximise the use of it. 




Owning or utilising a yoga prop does not mean that you are not a good practitioner. In fact, it helps to deepen your yoga practice, bringing you to a new level. 

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