Teacher Om

Bringing Yoga Overseas

The Art of Balancing

End 2018 with a short 3D2N yoga retreat on an island – Batam. Enjoy natural sea breeze at the resort as well as fresh air. Leave the retreat physically & mentally stronger, thoroughly rested with an abundance of energy!

Daily practice is oriented toward all students and is a mix of alignment-based yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, yoga inversion, pranayama and meditation. 

Teacher Om holds a Master Degree in Yoga and Bachelor Degree in Yogic Science. 

Other than his passion in yoga, living a healthy lifestyle is what motivates Teacher Om to continue practicing and inspire his students.

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Practicing yoga outdoor and overseas is a different experience from practicing indoor. Breathe in fresh air and allow the natural breeze wash your face as you practice your yoga. Be one with the nature and immerse yourself in the beautiful land. Refuel yourself for the year ahead!

Explore the art and joy of being upside down safely and find a sense of freedom, strength and possibility. Beginners are welcomed.

Working from the ground up, we will utilize key alignment principles, activate core awareness in the body, and break down the basics of headstands, forearm stands, handstands and more. Turning upside down is an invitation to release your fears, and sharpen your mind.

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