It may be confusing when choosing a yoga mat. With wide selections in the market, it can be an overwhelming experience when you enter the store and not sure what each yoga mat does. In this blog post, I will help you narrow down and find the best yoga mat suited to your wants and needs. Read on to find out more!


This 68″ long and 24″ wide mat is super lightweight at 2 Ibs for easy portability. It offers superior grip allows yogi to practice their yoga poses even in the sweatiest condition. Made from biodegradable natural free rubber, it is travel friendly where you can fold it easily to fit into your suitcase or bag! Loved by many teachers and students, this is the perfect all in one mat!


Looking for an environmental friendly mat? This is the one for you! 

Not only is this biodegradable mat made of eco-friendly materials, it is lightweight too! Despite of its weight, its 6mm thickness provides sufficient cushion for your knees and elbows. 


This is the yoga mat for you if you want a tough and reliable mat for your practice at home. This mat provides sufficient cushion to your knees and does not absorb the perspiration from your intense yoga practice. Its non-slip and sturdy material does not wear out easily – perfect for yogis and yoga teachers.


Do you often question yourself if your hands and feet are positioned correctly while performing the different asana? Here is a solution for you: An Alignment Mat!

Here are some examples how the alignment mat can help you with your alignment:

  • Downward Dog – Place your hands and feet on the horizontal lines on two ends of the alignment mat. This helps you find the right position for your yoga pose.
  • Upward Bow Pose (Chakrasana) – Stretch your spine with this pose by finding the correct mark for you hands and feet.

Read here for a more detailed guide on how to use the alignment mat!

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