Long hours sitting in the office can develop body aches. Many of us spend long hours leaning over our computers and phone during and after office hours. We are constantly exposed to these electronic devices and it not only causing strains on our eyes, but on our body as well. Our shoulders might have rounded forward due to the poor postural habits.

Following are 6 postures that can help relieve some of your body aches at the convenience of your office setting! 

1. Forward Bend

Experience a deep stretch for your entire back with this forward bend pose. Calm your nervous system and mind as you relieve tension on your spine, neck and back. 

2. Seated Spinal Twist

Elongate your spine with this spinal twist pose as it stretches your neck, shoulder, back and hips. It also helps enhance your digestion system. 

3. Triangle Pose

This pose offers great benefits despite of its simplicity. It stretches the most neglected part of our body, side waist and opens up the hip while strengthening our core muscles. 

4. Knee Hug

Knee hug offers a therapeutic stretch for lower back pain, which is a common symptom experienced by white collars. 

5. Cow Face Pose

When performed properly, cow face pose can provide deep stretch to our shoulders, chest and triceps. It also helps to strengthen our spine and abdominals.

6. Tricep Stretch

Strengthen your tricep and stabilise your shoulder joint with this pose. This also helps to improve sports performance requiring movement of arm and strength from upper body (e.g tennis and swimming).