Many may not associate yoga with weight loss as they picture yoga as simply a series of poses to calm the mind. However, studies have shown that one can lose a few pounds through a complete yoga programme which involves asanas, breathing techniques and meditation. 

You must be wondering.. How does performing different poses help with losing weight? 

  1. It is known that yoga can help reduce stress and this will in turn help to reduce stress eating. 
  2. Regular yoga practice increases awareness of your body, helping you better identify whether your stomach is full. 
  3. Develop mindfulness through yoga as you become more conscious with the food you eat.
  4. Intense styles of yoga such as vinyasa yoga can help burn some calories. Yoga may also help develop toned muscles and boost your metabolism.

Here are some asanas which you can practice to work your arms, tummy and thighs:

However, just doing yoga is not sufficient. It is also important to watch what you eat and not waste the effort you put into working out!