The trick to creating a lasting and healthy relationship with yoga is perseverance.

Here is a little quiz: Have you been practicing often? How many times do you practice a month now vs when you first started out? 

If you are practicing lesser than before, ask yourself why? No judging here. Be truthful. Are they excuses or they valid reasons? 


If you have hit a point in your practice where you don’t get excited or lack of motivation to practice, please do not give up! You have probably fallen out of love with yoga and here are some suggestions to rekindle your love for yoga:

1. Recall why did you fall in love with yoga in the first place. Was it due to the physical changes it has developed on your body or psychological benefits? 

Many turn to yoga due to the physical benefits it deliver. For instance, some turn to yoga for weight loss, while others might turn to yoga for muscle building. One success story is our loyal member, Rhacel who lost 18kg through Private Training sessions with our teachers.

It is known that yoga carries psychological benefits that help us clear our mind, relieve stress. sharpen our attention and concentration, and improve our overall mental health. Yoga is a great post-work activity to help us to departmentalise our problems, keep working matters away from home.

2. Explore different aspects of yoga practice.

You might have learnt tens or hundreds of poses and sequences, and it is getting too repetitive. Try picking up some meditation classes or even a philosophical book! 

(Try aerial yoga or wheel yoga if you haven’t!) 

3. Get help. Don’t shy away from asking your teacher for help! Ask them questions and tips!

Private training is also a great way to seek for new perspective and direction. A one-on-one training allows you to tailor your practice to your specific needs and deepen your practice. 

Psst, Private training promotion coming soon! 

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4. Reward yourself. Buy a new mat, or a set of yoga outfit! It changes your energy when you feel great about yourself. These purchases may simply motivate you to get back on your mat, helping you fall in love with yoga again!

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