“Inhale…….. Exhale………………” 

We’ve heard this all too often in class.

Breathing is an activity highly regarded in the practice of Yoga. But for good reasons.

Scientific researches have proven that different breathings warrant different reactions from our body.

Let us discover what two of the most relatable kind of breathing do to our bodies and how it affects us.

Short Quick Breaths

When we breathe in this manner, we send signals to our brain that we are feeling stressed. It therefore sets us into the Fight or Flight mode that presents itself in the form of anxiety, stress and nervousness.

Deep Slow Breaths

On the contrary, when we take our time to focus on our breaths, inhale and exhale intentionally, we find ourselves in a place of rest and relaxation. Our heart rate decreases and our digestive organs activate.

So, let us pay attention our breath and inhale….. exhale………..

Focus on the beauty of breathing and being alive at this moment.