The magic of Reformer Pilates runs so much deeper than just aesthetics achievement. See distinct differences in your body; how it looks and moves, improve your posture, strength and flexibility with Private Reformer Pilates class with Teacher Sonal. Have not heard of Reformer Pilates or curious how it works? Click here to read what is it about.

Other than the apparent physical benefits, calm and focus on yourself in this 1 to 1 class. De-stress and relax after a long day at work.

Here are some of the reasons why I love Reformer Pilates.

1. Relieves Back Pain

Take the pressure off your back with the thick leather padding on the Reformer machine! This allows for more controlled movements with minimal strain on your affected area.

2. Increases Core Strengths

Conditioning of the core muscles can increase overall effectiveness of exercise. Reduce the risk of injury through maintaining proper alignment and increased core strengths.

3. Promotes Weight Loss

Increase your metabolism and burn calories with Reformer Pilates. Burn off excess body fat on our arms, legs and tummy! 

4. Improves Flexibility

Move through a full range of motion on your workout on a Pilates Reformer. With improved flexibility, not only can you reduce strain and stress on your joints and muscles,it can also reduce the chance of injury. 

5. Improves Alignment

Improve your spinal alignment by strengthening the muscles used for support and stability. Lower the risk for injury, especially the lower back, by correcting muscle imbalances. 

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