Everybody loves a good vacation. Between hectic schedules and demanding personal commitments, vacations are blissful days of reprieve from the routines of our lives.

We are at a point in time where there is growing favour for short and purpose-filled getaways. This is exactly where Yoga Retreats come in. Yoga Retreats (YR) are purposeful getaways that allow us to take a break from real life and its stressors. And they can do wonders for our health.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. They allow us to re-align ourselves to our goals.

Mindlessly repeating routines day in day out makes it difficult for us to have a fresh perspective on life. Yoga Retreats break us from this cycle and allow us to step above our routines. They allow us to reflect on our lives and this is important in pushing us towards our goals.

2. We are able to deepen our practice.

Each day of a retreat has an element of purpose to it. We are trained to focus on the activities set out for the day without any worries or distractions stepping into our way. Simply being mindful of our health and wellbeing, in this manner, allows us to fully immerse in our practice.

3. YR’s can be restorative for health.

Yoga retreats can help us in transforming for the better. Short and purposeful getaways such as these give us space to focus on our mental and emotional needs, and allow us to work with issues we might be struggling to handle. They can even aid the body in healing from physical injuries through sufficient rest and gentle practices.

4. We get to connect with nature

Being mindful of the natural scenery around us and immersing ourselves in it can be soothing for the mind. Yoga retreats usually utilise the beautiful surroundings in different places around the world and allow us to appreciate nature in an entirely different way, with a group of likeminded individuals.

5. We are imbued with a sense of achievement

Having a taste of what it is like to have a purposeful life can be enlightening. Yoga retreats teach us to focus on having a daily practice. Being able to achieve the tasks we set out to do at the start of each day can be incredibly fulfilling and leaves us feeling accomplished.

This is why Platinum Yoga invests itself in sourcing out some of the best retreats around the world, every year. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming retreats!

Cebu with
Teacher DJ
19-22 September
Langkawi with 
Teachers Om & Kristen
17-20 October
India with
Teacher Sunil 
6-10 November
Nepal with
Teacher Sonal and Mann 
17-22 December