Looking for the perfect balance of a calm mind and a good, deep stretch? Come join us for our Yin Yoga classes!

Yin Yoga focuses on the deep connective tissues of the body. Its postures are passive, and mainly consist

of seated positions that are held for 5 to 20 minutes, stretching the connective tissues around the joints

(primarily knees, sacrum, spine and pelvis) .



Mindfulness plays a huge part in these classes. Students are taught to observe their breath and guided

through learning to sit with intrusive thoughts and feelings instead of reacting to them.

The classes especially benefit those who struggle with “mind chatter”. Constantly being occupied with

thoughts on work emails, texts, social media and various other stressors can drain you of energy and

intensify frustration. Yin Yoga teaches you to reduce focus on these persistent thoughts and calm the mind.

And if you aren’t already convinced, here are some other benefits!


Regulates energy in the body

Increases mobility in the body, especially the joints and hips

Reducing stress levels

Greater stamina

Deeper Relaxation

Better ability to sit for meditation