Platinum Yoga brings the 5 elements of Yoga: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space to you. Here’s a short guide to understanding how the elements work. 


The concept of Earth: 

Movement, Expansion, Lightness

Discover your stability and ease while remaining rooted to the ground. The element of Earth is the core keeps us grounded. Earth is the sensation that we want to return to, the physical stillness that creates mental and emotional stillness. Just like how we take the Savasana pose as an opportunity to return home. 

Our Earth-based classes:

Weight Loss Yoga

Specially designed to target the arms, tummy and thighs, this class improves digestion and the toning of the body. Learn specific yoga postures, breathing, bandhas (body locks) and cleansing practices to boost metabolism and lose weight faster. 

Pre-Natal Yoga

An essential for expectant mothers, Pre-natal Yoga teaches how to breathe deeply and relax, handy in facing the physical demands of labour, birth and motherhood. This is an age-old practice keeping mothers limber, toning muscles and improving balance and circulation with little impact on the joints. 

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga focuses on stretching the connective tissue found in every bone, muscle and organ. Holding every pose for several minutes gives a deep stretch and release to the connective tissue. This can complement other dynamic (yang) styles of yoga that emphasise internal heat and the lengthening and contraction of muscles. 

Neck, Back and Shoulders 

Consisting of subtle yoga stretches to release tension from the neck, back and shoulders, this class is ideal for improving flexibility and mobility of the related joints. This is a great class for those who spend long hours at their desk or have bad postural habits. 


A class exclusive to Platinum Yoga, Anti-Aging teaches you to perform inversions with the help of ropes which help in releasing tension from the whole spine. Feel younger & look better as you open the spine in every direction without compression. 

Core Yoga

A powerful core is important for preventing injuries and assisting in other yoga poses. Core yoga helps in strength training, strengthening the muscles in the back and helping to obtain a flat, toned abdominal region. Movements are performed slowly and precisely while maintaining a focus on breathing. 

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga is a specially curated fun class aimed at improving focus, attention and immune system. Helpful for children with developing bodies, the class uses a combination of animated poses and stretching exercises to promote strength, flexibility, coordination and awareness. 

Yoga Therapy

An amalgamation of ancient and modern physical techniques, yoga therapy is ideal for runners and other physically-active people who need corrective modalities for muscular imbalances. It prevents overuse injury, ensures longevity and assists recovery from high-intensity training.

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