Platinum Yoga brings the 5 elements of Yoga: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space to you. Here’s a short guide to understanding how the elements work.


The concept of Water:

Fluidity, Weightloss, Detox

Flow through your Yoga practice and synchronise your movement with your breath. Nurture a physical, mental and emotional sensitivity that favours response rather than reaction through the element of water. Water fuels your practice with compassion and resilience that returns as fluid movement, supple muscles, steady joints, agile minds.

Our Water-based classes:

Hatha Vinyasa

Hatha Vinyasa consists of a dynamic practice of Hatha Yoga postures together with creative flowing sequences linked by the breath. This class heals and detoxifies the body and mind at the deepest levels by creating transformation and dissolving blockages within. You get to experience shifts physically, muscularly, energetically, emotionally and mentally. You will feel full of stamina, vitality and life force in this class.

Ideal for all levels.

Hatha Hip Series

A Hatha Yoga Class catered towards unwinding and rejuvenating the whole body, the Hatha Hip Series specially focuses on hip openers to release stiff muscles in your lower back and glutes, and helps to ease tension in lower extremities. Learn to restore your body and mind to a calm, peaceful and open state.

Ideal for all levels.

Yoga Lates

The perfect blend of Yoga and Pilates – Yoga Lates provides a safe and accessible practice for everyone. Yoga poses are complex – releasing and working on the whole body while Pilates emphasizes pelvic and spinal stability through a series of simple foundation practices. The combination of both is a unique experience in itself.

Ideal for all levels.

Yoga Slim

Looking forward to a healthy, fit and energetic you? Join us for Yoga Slim to lose weight and slim down! To be slimmer, you need awareness on how to treat your body and mind. This class tones your body and improves awareness with help greatly in day-to-day life without going on a special diet.

Ideal for all levels

Deep Stretch and Flow

A combination of Vinyasa and deep stretches, this class provides muscles with more space, strength and flexibility. The flow of breath helps you to immerse deeper into your practice, and the body feels at greater ease after the it. A good hold of basic poses is an added advantage for practitioners looking to enjoy the class to the fullest.

Ideal for those who have been practicing Yoga for a minimum of 3 months.

Detox Flow Yoga

Detox Flow Yoga provides cleansing through breath and movement as you flow from one pose to another. This class is best for losing weight and feeling fresh from within. A great class for those who find yoga slow and love to have more movement in their classes.

Ideal for intermediate and advance levels.

Advance Yoga

If you have done Yoga for a year or more, this is a practice for you. From handstands to headstands, this class has everything that you want an advanced yogi to be equipped with. Our great teachers guide you with step by step instructions and adjustments to make the practice attainable and easier for everyone.

Ideal for intermediate and advance levels.

Power Yoga

This class focuses on a strength-based practice, advised for advanced practioners only. It uses traditional Yoga practices to tap into the inner core of one’s power and helps to recognize the different levels of power – physical, mental and spiritual. The class serves as a great training for athletes and improves personal performance.

Ideal for intermediate and advance levels.

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