Platinum Yoga brings the 5 elements of Yoga: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space to you. Here’s a short guide to understanding how the elements work.

The concept of Air:

AIR: Movement, Expansion, Lightness

Infusing the element of air into your Yoga practice helps you create more awareness of your breath. Pranayama is a great method for opening the channels of the body and letting ideas, inspiration and energy flow through. The element of air gives us rhythm, grace, mobility and a sensation of mental and physical openness.

Our Air-based classes:

Aerial Yoga – Foundation

This is a basic class introducing students to the Aerial Yoga Hammocks and the general flow of an Aerial class. Students are taught about breathing, mental focus & safety measures used in a typical class, as well as becoming used to being suspended off the ground and inverted. Experience peace and exhiliration that comes with Aerial practice as you meditate, stretch and fly.

Ideal for all levels

Aerial Yoga – Inversion

Aerial Yoga is a combination of traditional yoga, using hammocks and structural fabric, with acrobatic movement and postures. It can enhance your flexibility, improve stretching & alignment, as well as help develop core strength. Challenge your body by adding a new dimension to your workout! Float more than 3 feet above the ground with different styles and poses in Aerial Yoga. 

Ideal for intermediate practioners who have done 10 or more foundation classes.

Aerial Stretch

Take your Aerial Yoga practice further with our Aerial Stretch class which develops your core strength, enhance your flexibility & improves your stretching and alignment. Heighten your awareness and concentration during Aerial Stretch as you become more alert of your surroundings.

Ideal for all levels

Anti-Aging Yoga

The brainchild of B.K.S. Iyengar, Anti-Aging (Rope Yoga) consists of a series of Iyenger style asanas practiced with the aid of ropes on a wall. The rope wall helps students to perfect alignment, length and balance. This is especially beneficial for students who are scared of trying balancing or inversion poses as the wall offers more security. 

Our Anti-Aging classes can decrease tension in the spine, reducing aches and pains, improve blood flow to the brain and face, and reduce the effects of gravity on the face. 

Ideal for all levels

Yoga Wheel

Yoga wheel classes are specifically designed to elevate your Yoga practice. The classes help to open up tight backs and shoulders in backbend postures, assisting in enhancing your flexibility and inversions with the use of a Yoga Wheel.

For intermediate to Advanced levels

Ready to add a new dimension to your workout routine? Swing by to try out our unique series!