Platinum Yoga brings the 5 elements of Yoga: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space to you. Here’s a short guide to understanding how the elements work.

The concept of Fire:

Discipline, Transformation, Inspiration

Fire delivers purification. Your action, dedication and focus to your Yoga practice is what creates the heat and intensity. Engage the core muscles of your body and burn the rest. Fire originates in the stomach, the center of power, intuition and freedom. The use of the core muscles connects us to the spark at the center of who are are, and keeps the fire burning.

Our Fire-based classes:

Our Hot classes are a variation of other types of traditional Yoga, performed in hot and humid conditions. The classes pack an energising and rewarding workout that is bound to leave you feeling recharged for the day.

Hot Classic Yoga

Rooted in the classical poses of Hatha Yoga, the class provides us with the fundamentals of Yoga asanas. The class requires practioners to hold their poses for a couple of minutes.

Hot Flow

Combining rhythmic movements with flowing breath work, the Hot Flow class is open to everyone who wants to find calmness while moving. It’s also a great way to sweat it out!

Hot Hatha

The Hot Hatha class is ideal for opening the spine, the main channel of the body, and allowing energy to flow freely. It retains the essence of Hatha Yoga while loosening the muscles for better flexibility.

Core Pilates

The primary goal of Pilates is to develop good core muscles, and good body control. The Core Pilates class focuses exactly on this, ensuring that the strong core prevents risk of overuse or injury in the joints and muscles.

Hot Pilates

Hot Pilates is one of the best classes for losing weight. Done in a heated room to help release and relax muscles faster, this method of workout consists of low-impact flexibility, muscular strength and endurance movements.

Pilates Abs

One of our more intense classes, the Pilates Ab workouts activate the abdominal muscles more than crunches do. A great workout for hitting the upper abs, powerhouse, lower abs and obliques.

Hot Shape

Focusing on the waist, tummy, butt and thigh muscles, this class is great for sweating it out, providing an intense & challenging workout for all practitioners. This is also a Shape Sports Award Singapore 2016 winner!

Hot Vinyasa

Giving a twist to the traditional Vinyasa classes done in a heated room, the Hot Vinyasa class is a great workout for finding your breath and learning to move with awareness.

Ready to put your body to the test? Come join us on the mat for our Hot series!