This weekend, we sat down to learn more about Arya and his aspirations. A charm amongst our members, Arya has been practising Yoga for a long time. Here’s a little sneak peak into his life. 

  • Favourite Food: Paneer (Cottage Cheese)

  • Personality: Strict but playful

  • Favourite Drink: Ice Lemon Tea

  • Favourite Hobby: Watching Movies

Q: How long have you been practicing Yoga? 

A: I have been doing Yoga for 13 years regularly. I used to practice before that also but that was more so in my play time. 

Q: Why did you start practising Yoga? 

A: It was because of my mother actually. My mother used to have chronic back pain and she used to go for regular Yoga sessions. I realised that Yoga helped her heal. And when I started my formal education in Yoga, there were many people who entered my Yoga School with chronic backaches and other issues. Yoga helped them to heal as well and this is exactly what I wanted to learn more about. How I can help others heal with Yoga.

Q: How have you changed, transformed or evolved with Yoga?

A: I have become calmer as a person. Sometimes, I see people reacting to different factors around me really strongly… but I manage to keep my calm. That is entirely because of Yoga. Yoga gives me that peace. 

Q: What’s your favourite pose and why?

A: I like the Cobra Pose the most. I can do it very well, and the sensation of doing the pose is pretty unique. When I open my heart through the pose, it feels like I am opening mentally and emotionally – it is an uplifting feeling. 

Q: What is something exciting that is upcoming?

A: My 10 hour training! I am doing a 10-Hour Intensive Backbends training in November. It is open to practioners of all levels, who want to start on or improve their backbends. Everyone is free to come by and explore for themselves. We’ll be doing various shoulder openers and focusing on opening up the backbends using shoulders and hips. And my favourite – the cobra pose is part of it. 

To learn more about Arya’s Teacher Training, click the link below!