This week, we sit down with our founder Anil, to learn a little more about him. Come join in!

  • Favourite Movie: 3 Idiots (Hindi Film)

  • Favourite Snack: Milkcakes, or anything else sweet & made of milk

  • Favourite Pose: Headstand

  • Favourite Hobby/ Past-time: Playing with his two young daughters/ spending time with them

Q: How long have you been practicing Yoga? 

A: About 17 years

Q: Why did you start practising Yoga? 

A: I saw a group of friends practicing yoga when I was in college and I felt like I could do it too – I just felt a sudden pull towards the practice.

Q: How have you changed, transformed or evolved with Yoga?

A: Yoga has made me realise that we all essentially struggle to accept the physical and mental challenges of life. I have seen yoga help people to learn to accept these physical and mental challenges. Initially, everyone is like an iron rod, they refuse to bend and accept that some challenges are beyond their control. Yoga helps to teach them how to bend, to accept and work with the challenges and results of life

Q: What’s your favourite pose and why?

A: The headstand. It makes me feel like nothing is impossible and a sense of achievement.

Q: Who are your biggest inspirations?

A: My spiritual mother, my yoga instructors, my wife and my kids – all inspire me to deepen my practice.

Anil believes that Yoga forms a very important part of a person, affecting his thinking, his beliefs and the energy he carries. He looks forward to spreading these teachings through the TTC.