And the series rounds up with a meet with our lady boss – Meena!

  • Favourite Movie: No specific favourites – any lighthearted comedy is good

  • Favourite Snack: I go nuts over nuts

  • Favourite Pose: Headstand

  • Favourite Hobby/ Past-time: To see my two daughters growing and learning new things

Q: How long have you been practicing Yoga? 

A: I used to practice it for fun as a kid because it was part of my school curriculum. But I have been practising it regularly for 16 years now.

Q: Why did you start practising Yoga? 

A: I have always been surrounded by it because it is so common in India.

Q: How have you changed, transformed or evolved with Yoga?

A: Yoga helped me to become a better version of myelf – like an upgrade to my internal software

Q: What’s your favourite pose and why?

A: Headstand – This pose alone can make our world a better place. It helps to see from a very different angle and to have that flexiblity can help to bring peace.

Q: Who are your biggest inspirations?

A: Everyone who has taught me something about being a better person.

Meena believes that being a Yoga Teacher is one of the best jobs in the world, because it gives you a satisfaction like no other. Above all, it provides a lifetime of learning on health and positive bodies and minds. She looks forward to welcoming you on the mat!