A lot of people rely on meditation and daily readings to help maintain, balance and live a healthy spiritual life. When we meditate, we subconsciously enhance our focus and decision-making and lessen our feelings of fear and stress. By shifting the way we relate to our feelings and thoughts, we can dial down the intensity of emotions that take hold of us and ultimately experience a sense of calm, focus and clarity in our lives.


The benefits of daily generalized meditation are widespread, ranging from-

  • Mindfulness meditation helps ease psychological symptoms of depression, anxiety, and pain related to stress.
  • People who meditate have lower levels of cortisol, a hormone associated with physical and emotional stress.
  • Generalized meditation also improves sleep quality and, for those with chronic pain, increase pain tolerance.
  • Meditation stimulates the part of the brain associated with empathy. It has unlimited benefits and we will be going through a few of them.
  • reduction in anxiousness and lowering blood pressure to increased immunity and much better sleep.



Meditation increases blood flow to your brain.

  • The brain cannot function without a steady flow of blood to it.
  • The stronger and steadier the flow, the better the brain function is.
  • The brain’s ability to organise itself, adapt to demands becomes more efficient with meditation.
  • Meditation also decreases blood pressure and heart rate, which alleviates unnecessary pressure on your heart and arteries. Meditation improves your capacity to learn.
  • By stimulating the pre-frontal cortex, we are simultaneously awakening the brains learning centre. Regular meditation rewires the brain and increases our ability to be able to consider the feelings and needs of others and how we could be of service.


We all know this but stating the obvious again, meditation helps to boost the immune system.

  • As we reduce stress, the immune system is boosted and the same applies to our general wellbeing.
  • Muscle tension is usually caused by stress and can cause all kinds of problems such as vertebrae displacement, spinal issue and lack of mobility in the body, meditation is prevention against this.
  • We all want to look young, don’t we? Meditation de-accelerates the ageing process.
  • Meditation increases melatonin and decreases cortisol, which has a huge impact on slowing down the ageing process.


Meditation can increase positive emotions. There are multiple reasons as to why this happens. The reason is simple, it is the reduction of stress. When there is reduced stress in our system, we return to our state of feeling calm, connected to ourselves and confident in getting through the challenges of life. It increases emotional stability.


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