We may not often think of time of day as an important factor when planning our yoga routines. Things like equipment and calories burned can often take precedence in our minds. But the benefits you receive from your practise can actually vary based on the time of day that you do yoga! Here at Platinum Yoga, we offer classes as early as 7:00am and as late as 9:00pm to cater to every individual and their particular needs. You might be wondering what is the best time of day for you, based on what you wish to achieve with your yoga practise. Keep reading to find out what the various benefits are of practising in the morning, afternoon, or evening!


According to traditional yoga practitioners, morning is the best time of day for your routine. It is recommended to start as early as possible, preferably before sunrise. This is a time when you are unlikely to be bloated, your bowels will be cleared, and your fatigue levels will be low. Practising yoga at this time can energise you and helps you to start the day well. It can also improve alertness. However, this may not work for you if you have a busy schedule, experience stiffness as soon as you wake up, or just aren’t a morning person! In that case, read on to find out if another time may be more suitable for you.


An increasing number of people now practise yoga in the early or late afternoon! This may work for you if you find a yoga studio close to your workplace, in which case you can pop by either during your lunch break or after a long day. Attending a yoga session after work can help you to decompress. It can also help you to psychologically let go of the day’s stress and anxiety, and lose yourself in a nice mindful session. Practising yoga at this time can also help to stimulate your appetite and have better digestion. Don’t forget, you are more likely to be loose and limber at this time than in the morning, which may lead to a better yoga session for you!

Just remember this important note: It is not recommended to carry out vigorous yoga sessions right after you eat, as this may lead to discomfort and indigestion. So do be mindful of that if you schedule an afternoon practise!


Although it may seem counterintuitive, evening can be the best time for some people to practise yoga! After a long day of sitting in front of a desk, yoga can be the perfect way for you to relieve any soreness or stiffness in your muscles. You’re also likely to have more flexibility in your body at the end of the day than the beginning.

If you’re trying to find out if yoga can help with sleep, you’ll be glad to know that many yoga practitioners believe that a gentle yoga session (such as our Chakra Yoga class) can help to improve sleep quality! You may find that introducing yoga to your evening routine can promote deeper and longer sleep, as you relax your mind and body completely during the session.

If you’re planning on practising yoga later in the day just be sure to note that vigorous yoga should not be practised later than 2-3 hours before sleeping, in order not to disturb your routine!

So what’s the best time of day for me to practise yoga?

As we’ve mentioned, there are benefits and limitations to practising yoga at any time of day. Simply put, just select a time that is sustainable for your routine. Make sure that you are most comfortable and most likely to enjoy your session at the time that you choose to practise. It is far more important that you are able to stick to the habit and regularly practise at whatever time works for you than forcing yourself to do it at the “right” time.

Just make sure that no matter what time you choose, make the type of yoga you practise appropriate to it. So if you’re planning on a more vigorous session, avoid scheduling it for later than 2-3 hours before sleeping, or right after eating. Otherwise, anything goes!

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