5 Reasons Why You Should Do Private Training

1. Tune The Class

Maximise the benefits you can receive out of each your class by having it tailored to your specific needs and level. As some things such as philosophy or more advanced poses cannot be covered in-depth in a group setting, private training offers the best solution to it.

2. Health Issues

If you have an injury, please inform our teachers so that they can provide alternatives that may help to ease the pain while avoiding strenuous yoga poses.

3. Work on Weaknesses

During this 1 on 1 private training, the teacher is able to focus all his/her attention on you. By working on your weaknesses, it allows our teachers to assist you in achieving your yoga goals and maximise your learning experience.

4. Flexible Timing

Unable to attend our class? Fret not. You can personalise your private training schedule depending on your (and teacher’s) availability, allowing you to practice yoga without compromising other commitments.

5. Stay on Track

Feel more motivated and a sense of accountability with our experienced teachers guiding you regularly. You will be more likely to try out new and more challenging poses, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.


Still having doubts that private training is not for you? Let me clear some common misconceptions about private training.

1. Is private training for me?

Private training is for everyone and anyone who wants to get the most out of each yoga class. Have the class paced at your level and specific needs to get the maximum benefit out of it.

2. Private trainings are expensive!

The benefits you receive from practicing yoga cannot be weighed with monetary value. For instance, our health is priceless. Strengthen your bone and ward off osteoporosis with the help our teachers.

3. I do not have time to practice.

Personalise your private training schedule based on your availability. Allocating time for yoga practices also means making time for your health, thus reducing possible health problems in the future.

4. Private training requires commitment

It does require some amount but with self-discipline, you can cut the amount of classes you need to attend. For example, conduct self practice at home to reduce 2 to 1 class per week.

Call or head down to our studios today to book your private training!