A Coffee with Kathi


Our weekly series continues! This week we grab a quick moment with Teacher Kathi, to learn a little more about him. Read on to see what we have uncovered 😉 


  • Personality: Playful

  • Favourite Snack: Chappathi


  • Favourite Pose: Triangle Pose

  • Favourite Hobby: Playing basketball in groups (since young)


Q: How long have you been practicing Yoga? 

A: For slightly over 10 years. I used to work as a Professional Physiotherapist from 2003-2008. I was in Saudi Arabia as a clicinal physiotherapist when a friend encourged me to try teaching Yoga.

Q: Why did you start practising Yoga? 

A: Initially, it was because my friend had pushed me to try it and I liked it. Eventually, I was really inspired by the physical aspect. Being fitter felt better than being on my chair all the time in my job. Yoga helped me to feel mentally and physically more fit.

Q: How have you changed, transformed or evolved with Yoga?

A: Yoga has helped me feel better holistically. I did not know Yoga had this aspect when I was working in India, it had more of a spiritual focus. When I came to Singapore, I saw that it has a huge physical focus as well and I really liked it.

Q: What’s your favourite pose and why?

A: Triangle Pose. It improves coordination and balance, activates our thigh muscles and opens our heart. I love that about it.

Q: What is the funniest thing that you have seen in class?

A: Me. I actually like to make my classes interactive and funny so I tend to joke around with members throughout the class.


Kathi usually teaches the Anatomy and Physiology segment of the TTC. We look forward to having you down for his sessions!