At Platinum Yoga, Aerial & Rope Yoga is a new evolution.

Floating more than 3 feet above the ground, Aerial Yoga is a combination of traditional yoga using hammocks and structural fabric, with acrobatic movement and postures. It enhances your flexibility, improve stretching & alignment as well as help develop core strength. With different styles and poses in Aerial Yoga – which you can experience in each of our classes, try it and challenge your body while bringing a new dimension to your workout.

There are lots of exciting elements to Aerial Yoga. But always be careful and note a few pointers from us.

Why Aerial Yoga when we have other forms of yoga?

Other forms of Yoga are beneficial in different ways but Aerial Yoga has a fun element to it as you practice in a 3-dimensional space and expand your limits in all directions.

1. May increase height as it allows the spine to lengthen naturally.

2. May help to eradicate the back pain.

3. A major stress buster due to its high fun quotient (factor).

4. Increases strength and flexibility and brings great awareness to the body.

5. It can help to keep your mind, body and spirit calm.

6. A whole new level of “STRETCH” – Admire your new-found flexibility.


1. Wear full or half sleeves for practice (practicing in sleeveless tops can leave some marks around the shoulder area).
2. The class should not to be taken straight after any Hot Yoga practice.
3. Trim your nails and keep them short.
4. You may want to wear gloves/socks for extra precaution against possible chafing.
5. Make up should be removed before the class to ensure your pores do not get clogged.
6. Try not to have a full meal at least an hour before the class.
7. Pregnant ladies and menstruating ladies should not take this class.
8. People with medical conditions like heart problems, high or low blood pressure, previous neck and spinal injuries, etc should first consult the instructor before enrolling for the class.


Why Rope Yoga?

1. Discover a new and exciting way to practice yoga.
2. Reach places where your regular practice cannot take you.
3. Reap the benefits of sustained asanas.
4. Anchor your pose and expand your movement.
5. You’re bound to get addicted & hooked!

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