Is Platinum Yoga app free? 
Yes, absolutely.

How do I download the Platinum Yoga for iPhone app?
Go to the App Store to download the latest Platinum Yoga for iPhone app.

How do I download the Platinum Yoga for Android app?
Go to the Google Play to download the latest Platinum Yoga for Android app.

Why is my booking unsuccessful?
Could be wrong location or the membership is not activated. Just pick the correct location of your membership or call in to have your membership activated.

How to change password?
Log in to your MINDBODY account and change your password there.

“FAILED. Client is outside scheduling window” prompt and why?
It means that the date of class that you want to book is either too near or too far away.

How to log in?
To login, simply go to the side panel and click “Login”.

Here are the default account details we have set for you:

  • Username is the email you have registered with us
  • Password: PY******** (where * is your mobile number)

For more information on how to use the app?
Visit https://platinumyoga.com/blog/